Perhaps the skills I am most proud of that lie at the core of my work experience are problem solving, educating, and organizing. Constants throughout my work life, from the technical support position I have today to my early positions in environmental education, I have used these skills to successfully tackle a wide range of job responsibilities.

I love to teach and train, to share knowledge, and help others learn new skills. My current technical support role requires a balance between resolving issues and training customers on software. I thrive at determining the best way to break down and explain how our software works, how one uses the features, and customized options for special customer needs. Excelling in this aspect of my job led to my role as writer and manager of our technical documentation.

Past positions as a volunteer program manager and even working for a gourmet food company allowed me to develop systems, programs, and methodology for approaching everything from food chain data entry to policies for recruiting, training, and evaluating performance of employees and volunteers.

In addition to these three core skills, I am very detail oriented, creative, resourceful, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and enjoy team collaboration as well as working independently or in a leadership role.