Who am I?

Pictured on the left is a view of the stunning eastern Maine coastline not far from my summer house, and only house. I’ve chosen the life of a self-employed working nomad, traveling and renting in lots of places during the winter, but always returning to my small and cozy house in Maine I share with my husband and dog.

After 17 years in environmental education, I needed a change of career. Computer science was my initial track of study in college and finding a technical support position has been a perfect fit. In a way, I’m still an educator, or trainer. Developing manuals and posts to teach “how” and working in customer support, I love being able to solve problems and help others learn how to use software better.

When I’m not working in the summer, you’ll find me in my vegetable garden, my weaving studio, walking the island, or just simply marveling at my luck to have found such a small, welcoming community in such an idyllic place. On my weekends in the winter, I’m exploring the places we visit for months at a time such as Montreal, Austin, Nashville, and cities in regions such as Florida’s Forgotten Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rockies.